Friday, November 29, 2013

And It Begins

The process of decorating for Christmas has begun. I normally take a day and do a lot at one time, then fill in as needed in the days after. This year, I haven't the energy, having been fighting an upper respiratory thing for almost two weeks. So, it will be spread out a little more than usual.

Here are all my newly made stockings, and the hanger I created from an idea I saw on Pinterest.
One of these days, I vow to have an actual mantle to hang stockings on. Until then, this will do nicely.
The shelf in my dining room is ever changing. I use the same things every year, but I rearrange them and do it up a little differently each year.
I wish I could get my tree up, but that is a major undertaking and I'll need a whole day to devote to that. Maybe Monday.....

Ho Ho Ho!!!


  1. A little at a time - especially is you are not feeling well. I haven't done any decor yet, but have been wrapping presents - until the furries just make it impossible!!

  2. I've begun too...almost got my Christmas Village done but I'm out of bulbs that work. Tree is up but not decorated. More tomorrow! Blessings, Marlene

  3. They look fantastic.Have a great weekend!!