Thursday, July 18, 2013

Overdue Finish

I finally finished a long overdue NICU quilt. This was made from gorgeous flannel fabric I won from Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts. The fabric is "Wild Ones" from Connecting Threads.
I love the color palette and it's so soft. I have enough left to make another baby quilt and it's in the works already.
Because the colors are so vibrant, I wanted to do a simple pattern. I feel that the fabric is better showcased this way.

Thank you Sharon!!


  1. Oh, this is so cute!! So glad you are enjoying and I just love what you are doing with it.

  2. Too, too cute! I used the magnifier on my laptop to see the fabric better. It's darling!!! Two little blessings are going to have the most adorable NICU quilts. ;)