Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Work

I managed to put together an iPad cover for Sister #1 this weekend. It was my first attempt, and I used this tutorial.
The instructions were pretty straightforward and the project pretty easy to do. Sister loves Peanuts and the beach, so this fabric I got from Tonya seemed perfect.

I don't own an iPad...*sniff* so I couldn't put one in here to show you how it fits, but she said it fit just fine.  The only problem was that she really wanted straps on it, so I'll have to study it and see how I can add that.

I also finished up a NICU quilt with some "Little Rascals" fabric I got from Sharon. At first I'd planned to use all the charm squares in one big quilt, but decided to break them up into four smaller baby quilts. They aren't elaborate in design, but fun and a quick stitch up.
I'm hoping to get several done by the fall since I haven't done any at all this spring and summer.
Toodle do for now!


  1. Great projects - and love that the charms pack is being used in so many lovelies for such a cause.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial for the ipad. I have four them in my classroom and would like a way to easily distinguish them. I think the mom and dad of the baby who receives this quilt will be thrilled. Thank you for giving of your time and talents to share with others!