Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

 This quilt is for my son and his fiance. I started working on it before Mom became so ill, but had to put it on hold for a little while. I'm back to it, and am anxious to get it finished.

You know, sometimes you have a picture in your head of how a quilt will look, and when you finally get all the squares made, it's totally different. That's ok, it's what the Lord wanted it to be, so how can you be unhappy with that?

I am on a deadline, so I didn't get a chance to wait for fabric until I could get to Hobby Lobby or Joann's. I had to make due with what was in the local Walmart. I do think the squares are quite unique and pretty anyway. Even SR likes the colors and he's pretty particular.

The sashing will be a different green from what is in the squares, and since that was the only green I liked at Walmart, I'll have to make a trip to another store post haste.  There will be a long rectangle, as you can see in the photo, with their names appliqued. That particular piece is not even close to finished.

Displaying it on a dark floor doesn't really show it off very well, but when the sashing is added, it will make a big difference. I'm looking forward to finishing it in time for a bridal shower in the first week of February. Wish me luck!!


Today, I finished the wide rectangle with their names and date of the wedding. Thought I'd add that to the post....I'm pretty pumped about how it turned out. Can't wait to add the sashing to everything!!

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  1. how cute~! i love how you just come up with a pattern, and -WHAM!- you make it. it's so unique!