Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Love You

My mother was an accomplished seamstress. I remember when I was in the first grade, she was known throughout the area for alterations. And I'm talking ball gowns and suits. She made so many of my clothes growing up, and I wish I had some of them. Unfortunately, by the time they were handed down to my three sisters, there was nothing left of them.

Enter grandchildren.... Mom started making Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls about 30 years ago. She tried to make one for each grandchild, but it was hit or miss sometimes. She made LeLe an "Annie" doll and it was awesome! Her workmanship is a rare thing in this world, and all the dolls she made have lasted over all the rough treatment a child can give.

This Christmas, she intended to make dolls for each of her three great-grandchildren. She finished two of them before she became too ill to sew. The one left, was for LMW, and she managed to get the body finished, and the clothes cut out. That was enough for me to take over.

As we watched and waited on my Mom to pass, there were times when I just had to take a break, and so I finished the hair before she passed. I didn't think I could finish the clothes without some kind of instructions.

After really looking at them, I believe I can, and will give it my best. It's important to LeLe and LMW. And just as much to me. Mom left a few things for each of us, but this one thing for him was hand made with love. And she left him a note....

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