Saturday, January 15, 2011

Opinions Please

For a while now, I've been contemplating redecorating my bedroom and adjoining bath. The color I chose to paint the walls is a light aqua blue green. I will use a lot of white, and some brown to go along with is. I'm not above throwing in an odd color here or there such as dark red or black.

My bathroom floor is the original builders vinyl, and it still looks pretty good. Not much wear and tear on it at all, and when it's clean....*cough*... it looks almost new. The base is white and it looks a bit like marble with pale blue veins and a bit of mottling.

I bought a shower curtain from Walmart.....

 So, my question I go with brown, light aqua, or tan floor mats?  I'm not crazy about white, because it will show dirt so easily, (as will the aqua I think.) I'm really leaning toward brown because on that white floor, they will really pop.  I'm going to purchase an over the toilet shelving unit and it will allow me to take the awful cheap cabinet out. I'm embarrassed to even show it, so I won't.

I would LOVE to paint the vanity cabinet, but fear the hubs will put the nix on that. He's not really fond of painting over wood grain, even when it's not that attractive. I might convince him though if I really want to paint it. It's lightly stained so it has a golden oak hue to it.

It would look so nice dark brown. Again, what do you think? I don't want to paint it white since the vanity top, baseboard and trim and any shelving is white. That's just too much. You can see a little of the floor here if you look hard enough. I could always stain it darker, but that would mean a lot of work and mess. Don't think I want to go quite that far.

I think I know what you all will say, but let's get a show of hands just for fun, shall we? And for more fun, I'll show you fabric I purchased the other day to start on the bedding. They will be accents in a mostly white quilt.

I can barely wait, but I still have other quilts to work on right now. So much to do, so little time.


  1. I LOVE aqua and brown together. I would go with a chocolate brown. It would look good and it looks like thats the color of the squiggles in the curtain. I painted all the cabinets in this house when I married Britt. I think my kitchen cabinets have been 3 different colors and we haven't been married 5 years yet. My dad is like your husband...he's always telling me DON'T PAINT WOOD! I don't listen very well.

  2. I think the cabinets would look great dark brown! And dark bath mats would be nice. I really like brown and light blue/aqua. We have our bedroom/bathroom in these colors as well. Everything looks very nice and your spin and creativity will make it all your own!

  3. what if you painted the cabinets dark brown, then used aqua towels and mats? the blue would really pop against the dark brown. and hubs might let you paint it brown, since it still "sorta" looks like wood, right? right? ;-)