Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old and New

The first photo is of an old bedside chest I bought several years ago. It was already painted the cream color with the antique finish, and I just added the dogwoods. It's one of my favorite projects.

The second is a comical wedding portrait for my nephew who is getting married on October 24th. I found the clip art online and just enlarged it, painting with regular craft paint on thin canvas. The wedding will be a western theme, as they both love animals and horses.

The glare from the glass causes issues, so I took the photo without the frame.


  1. I LOVE that bedside table. It is beautiful.
    The painting is fantastic!

  2. They are both tooo cute! They're going to love the wedding gift! If that bedside table comes up missing, I slipped in during the night and it's at my house. ;-D