Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madeley's Blankie

I created this for a new little arrival in our church family. I took regular solid colored fleece, and bound it with a retro print. I then added a mongram, and some little flowers. It is approximately 60 X 53 in size. I plan to create a small pillow to match, out of the binding fabric.


  1. I absolutely love it. It's gorgeous.

  2. It is so pretty! I love the retro fabric. Where do you get your fabric anyway?

  3. I bought both of these fabrics at the local walmart. I knew I could get the fleece, but was amazed at that retro print. It was flannel and so soft. It caught my eye immediately. Sometimes you can find good stuff at walmart, and sometimes you can't. I was lucky this time. I like to buy at Hobby Lobby, because they have such a wide assortment, but I don't get to shop there often. There is a local shop called Olga's Fabrics that I discovered has a good assortment, and is not too pricey. I was afraid they would be pretty pricey, but was pleasantly surprised.