Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tapestry Bag

My Mother-in-Law saw the last bag I created for myself, and expressed a desire to have one for herself. I at once started thinking about how I could make it better and sturdier. She is the best MIL in the entire world, and never asks for anything, so I was determined to give her something nice.

I made a trip to Hot Springs to start my search for the perfect fabric. I visited Hancock's (way too pricey) and Hobby Lobby (a little less, but still to pricey) I wound up at a place called Material World (just right) Did anyone else just get a vision of blonde hair and chairs? The fabric was a neutral color and thick enough to hold up to a lot of wear and tear. It also had a backing of some kind of stiff webbing so I thought it would be perfect. I feared it would be hard to sew with that backing and the thickness of the material, but I was pleasantly surprised. If I took it slow and easy, the needle didn't have any problem at all, even with multiple layers.

I have been disappointed in the way my first bag's handles went 'limp' so I decided to make the handles much thicker. I used two layers of fabric, sewed them together, then folded them in half. I left the ends one layer, to attach to the bag. It was a daunting task to work with so many layers of a thick fabric, but I am happy with the way it turned out.

The selvage was frayed and seamed like the perfect trim, without the added expense and sewing, so I used that at the top of the pockets. I added a pocket of the tapestry fabric on the inside of the purse as well, and it shows up better in this photo.

Here you can see the selvage edge a bit better.

MIL needed something she could carry her Bible and choir book in, and thought this size was perfect. I hope the pockets are handy for her and I know she will oooh and ahhh over it, because that's just the kind of person she is.

I'd like to have one for myself now, but will take a break from the heavy sewing to do something a bit easier. I have some pillow patterns I found on the web, that will be perfect for the new grand baby's room.


  1. Awww. Ms. Peggy. Love her! You did good BLINES!