Saturday, September 19, 2009

Projects and Purchases

This week, I've made some purchases on my way toward a couple of projects I have in mind. The fabric here, will be magically (or not so magically) transformed into an owl and a pussycat pillow. Patterns I found on the web.

You can find the patterns here, and here.

The shadow box frame and scrapbook paper will become a lovely 3-D scene I found online as well. That is if I can get it to work like I believe it should.

And as I couldn't help myself, I also purchased a crib sheet. Not transforming that into anything, but just couldn't resist. It's the polkadot square in the top left corner of this photo.

Maybe that will keep me occupied for the time being. And it will keep me from badgering the daughter for more information and ideas.


  1. I love the fabric! Polka dots are my favorite. Crib sheet?

    If your in South of our state where in the world do you buy fabric at? Our hancocks closed down about 2 years ago and a lady opened up a fabric store around a year ago and now it is closing down also. :( I buy most of mine online but love buying it in person if possible.

  2. Lisa,
    Actually, I purchased the fabric at Hobby Lobby in Hot Springs. I shopped at Hancock's there in HS, but their prices were just too high for my blood. Hobby Lobby was having a 30% off sale of their retro cotton fabrics, so I lucked out.

    There is a place in HS called Material World. It only has decorating fabric, and that's where I got the tapestry fabric, but they have great prices compared to HL or Hancock's.

    The polkadot crib sheet (for my future grandchild's bed), shadow box, and scrapbook paper came from Target. The paper was on clearance for less than 5.00 so I was happy with that.

    Sometimes you can find cute things at walmart, but it really depends on what town. My town doesn't have a really good fabric department.

    I have thought about looking for sheets and shower curtains that aren't expensive, simply for the fabric. So far, I haven't found anything but I really haven't been looking hard.

    Where online do you usually shop? Or do you have several places?