Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Did It

In an earlier post...or two...or three...I mentioned wanting to finish a quilt for LeLe's Christmas gift. I finally gave up, just content to work on it as I could. And you know what? I finished it. I was surprised at myself.

She chose the fabric, and a design, and I altered the design to my own liking. It wasn't an easy thing to do, and I fussed at myself frequently. I also quilted it as I went. Part of that was great because the quilting part was much easier. But connecting the pieces together was a pain. The entire quilt is queen size, so it was still hard to handle. I'm very glad I finished, and she seemed to be very happy with it. So, here is the finished product.

It was so big, there was no place in my house I could hang it up to take a better photo. Maybe she will post a photo of it on her bed.

When I first began, I mentioned to Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts that I was using the Lilly and Will II fabric, and she was so kind to send me a jelly roll. That made doing the center and the squares so much easier!  And after so many of Marcia's posts at Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting blog, I decided to try using a decorative stitch on the binding.

It was a bit tricky, and I'll not use such an intricate design again until I have more practice, but all in all, I like it.

I plan to try making some shams to match, as soon as I recover from all the Christmas stress, and the severe cold I've been dealing with.

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  1. I do love it and my favorite part is the shamrock stitching on the edges. :)