Saturday, December 17, 2011

What a Mess

You see this mess?

Well, it is supposed to be a Christmas gift. By the looks of it, I doubt seriously if that will happen. But, it's for my LeLe, she knows it probably won't, and is ok with it.

That's how my sewing room usually looks when I'm in the middle of something. Not a pretty picture is it? But, it's how I work. I don't have a good space to spread it all out, and the ironing board usually doubles as a table, the bed as a design board. You use what you have eh?  I normally clean the biggest part of it up every other day or so. If someone should come in and see it before I do, oh well.

This is a little wooden Nativity set I made umpteen years ago for my Mother-in-Law.

I had a band saw and lots of scraps and I made countless little things like this. They are all gone now except for this and a few Christmas decorations. I made this simple by design, and she thought LMW would enjoy playing with it. He does like wiping them all off the table.

Back to work in the messy sewing room.


  1. Mess? Phooey! That's creativity in action! It's like deep cleaning. It always looks worse before it looks better. ;)

    I bet you could sell a bunch of your woodworking!!! A Childrens Nativity Set, kinda like nativity blocks. I could see them selling like hotcakes!

  2. LOL, sounds like LMW likes to make a mess all his own!