Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Three

Without further adieu, here are my latest projects....Finished and unfinished.

1. LMW's wedding outfit. GLAD that's finished. It was hard!

2. Recovered stool and fabric I added to store bought curtains. Slowly and surely the new bedroom decor is happening. I guess the last thing to get done will be the paint, but that's ok.

3. The pieces I've done with the paper piecing tutorial I'm following. Man! It's tricky, but fun!


  1. LMW's outfit is too cute! Still want to see him model it for us. ;) I just would love to know, where do you find the time for all your projects??? I don't believe I could organize my way out of a wet paper bag!!!

    Gotta go do some "Ya Mule" stuff out in the workshop...ugh.

  2. Still can't get over how cute LMW's outfit is. He may upstage the groom!