Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Decision

I've been trying to figure out how to quilt inside the wide spaces of the Irish Chain. After discussing it with LeLe, I decided on leaf shapes.

You can't really see it well on the top side, because the thread is such a neutral color, it blends into the fabric.

This was the plan in the beginning, and I like it that way. It hides mistakes.

 The reasoning behind the leaf pattern is threefold. One, it would hard (for me anyway) to quilt in a really straight line across barren wilderness such as a large block. So, I decided against a square, or an X across the entire block.  The second reason is because this quilt is for SR and he is a tree person. The woods are his favorite place to be on earth.

I absolutely love the way the back is looking, and that is the third reason. I wanted the back to look pretty too. Not just a back on a pretty quilt top.

It's taking me a long time to get this quilt finished, but it's because I have several other irons in the fire. One being a suit/romper for LMW to wear to J and K's wedding. Stay tuned, and I will post any progress as it happens.


  1. are you hand-quilting the leaves? or freehand on your machine? in any case, they look amazing! what a neat idea. you're so creative.

  2. Thanks Erin. I'm doing it on the machine. I made some templates, and use a light colored watercolor pencil to draw them on the fabric. The pencil will dissolve when I wash it.

  3. The quilt is turning out NICE! The oak leaf is my favorite. Don't forget we want a 'show' when LMW models his suit. ;)

  4. Oh wow! Belinda, that is gorgeous! I absolutely love the way the leaves look on the back. So beautiful!

    Can't wait to see LMW's cute new outfit. Is it one of those little john-johns? What does it look like? Giv eme some details! Ya know I love me some little bitty clothes!