Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Reveal

Since all gifts have been opened, I can finally show you the quilt I made for LMW. It's been hard not to post it, but I wanted it to be a surprise for LeLe. And it was... :P

I found coloring pages on the web, and used those as templates for the objects in the squares. I wanted to do something a little more elaborate, but decided on something a little simpler for now. In the future, I may take my time and do something more upscale, but for now, I'm happy with it.

The backing is a simple print that I thought worked well with the green binding. The binding is the same fabric as the sashing, because I wanted more green than it eventually wound up with.

I did straight line quilting on the machine, and went around the pictures with embroidery floss by hand. I hope he will enjoy it, and remember his Nanna in the years ahead, when he looks at it. It was a true labor of love, one I enjoyed every second of.

Merry Christmas Little Man Win.

P.S. LMW and parents....getting their quilt on.....

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