Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bird Canvases

Now that Christmas is over, I can also post the canvas project I finished a while back. It was a gift for LeLe, so I had to wait until after Christmas to share.

These two canvases were inspired by this fabric.

The process went something like this....

Using simple acrylic craft paint, I first coated the two canvases with a combination of yellow and white. I wanted a streaked effect so I started with yellow, then while it was still wet, added some white to the brush and wiped it up and down on the yellow. A sponge brush works best for this.

 Next I sketched out the design using a watercolor pencil. This makes it extremely easy to "undo" a line or mark, and the paint dissolves into the acrylic paint, and doesn't show in the finished painting.  I normally sketch by hand, and not by tracing or using a template and that makes it my least favorite, but most important part of the process.

 I placed the canvases side by side, to make sure I was continuing the sketch in the correct place on both sides. Then began filling in with the first layer of color.

Adding the next layer of color, I again made sure the design carried over to the second canvas in the correct place, and was the correct size to look as though it was the same branch.

 The final layer was added, and was made a bit darker than the design on the fabric as requested by LeLe.

I enjoyed painting these canvases, and already have an idea in my head for another one when I can find a bit of time to actually create it.


  1. This is a beautiful idea! And thank you for such a detailed tutorial. You did an incredible job on them. I love two canvases idea. This looks like something my sisters and I would love to try!

  2. lovely! it's fun to see the steps of what you did, instead of just the finished project. i bet lele loves it! mabe commented on the canvas project that you did for me, so i know they wanted one!

  3. I love it. Can't wait to hang it above the bed and I better get Maburn to do it before his surgery...

  4. These are fantastic! You've done a terrific job! I'd like these in my bedroom. I look forward to having a look around your blog.
    Megs :)