Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Domesticity Revisited

I was asked to post pictures of my sewing machine, so here they are. Notice the TV to the right.

And this is the spinach quiche I made last week. It looked great on top but the pie crust wasn't completely done in the center. If I had left it in longer, the top crust would have burned. My oven is sort of crappy.


  1. You could either cook the crust a little before you add the egg mixture, or cover it with foil for a while, until you are ready for it to brown. Looks good! Reckon you can do that in little muffin cups?

  2. Well, what would I use as the crust if I did it in muffin cups?

  3. Yeah, I sometimes cover just the crust with strips of foil if I'm afraid they will brown too much.

    The quiche looks amazing, though! Does it have bacon (or is that just bits of cheese browning)? Either way, yum yum.

  4. Those are bacon bits. The recipe called for Oscar Mayer real bacon bits and that's what I used. They are wonderful.