Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I didn't intend to complete a project this morning, but I got started and was finished before I realized it. Love when that happens! I made myself a new wallet/clutch/whateveryouwanttocallit today.
It matches the purse I just made and it was easier than I thought!! I used this tutorial from Fort Worth Fabric Studio and added a couple of my own little extras.
It has places for cards, change, and $ bills/checkbook, but I wanted a pocket for my cell phone, so I added that to the backside, along with a little flap to keep it secure.
I also added a little fabric hoop so I could tie a strap onto it and carry it alone. I used fusible fleece for stability and instead of using magnetic snaps, I just used velcro to keep it closed, (since I had it on hand.) The button is a decorative addition.
I hope I like it as well as I think I will. You just never know with things like this, but I'm excited to use it and see how it goes. 


  1. Well done - I think it is sweet and sure you are going to enjoy using it. I don't like to use the magnet closures on things that may hold something that a magnet will mess with - phone, credit cards, key card, etc....

  2. What a great wallet! I love that you added the pocket for your phone. blessings, marlene