Thursday, September 16, 2010

Briley Completed

I posted about this quilt top a while back, and had to put it aside for a time to finish other projects. I finally completed it last night and am pretty pleased with the result.

I did all the applique with a strait stitch. I love the idea of it fraying over time and being really soft. When I was thinking of exactly what I wanted to applique, I just started thinking about all the things little girls think about and play with.

1. Hearts (All little girls love drawing hearts, don't they?

2. Flowers (Same goes.)

3. Umbrellas (Don't you remember loving it when you got to use your umbrella as a child?)

4. Ballet Slippers (I don't know a woman grown, who didn't at one time or another want to be a ballerina.)

5. Her name. (Enough said.)

As you can see in these photos, I decided to do a bit of hand work around the applique to make it stand out. That gave it even more of a personal touch. Instead of binding the quilt with something different, I just made the backing large enough to fold over for binding. It made it pretty simple in my opinion.

 So this Christmas, Briley will be getting a girly girl quilt. (Shhhhh, don't tell!)  I can hardly wait.....


  1. I LOVE this!! You did a great job...I wish I was as talented as you are! :)

  2. Love it! The umbrella made me smile b/c that is where my boys are right now. They long for an opportunity to use their umbrella. LOL.

  3. That is just precious! I love it! The ballet slippers and the umbrella are my favorite!!! So, so, so sweet!!!