Monday, May 24, 2010

My Sunday Stash

SR and I found a new antique place in Sherwood and visited there yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  Most of what they had was overpriced, but there was a huge stack of fabric samples which were .25 each. I bought 20, but could have bought more.

There were quite a few swatches that were unsuitable for a quilt, such as brocade and very thick upholstery grade fabric. I bought a few of those simply because I loved the patterns and they were just large enough to be the front of a decorative pillow. The rest I made sure were 100% cotton, so I could use them in a block  or rag quilt. I was really happy with my $5.00 purchase.

I was also on the lookout for a tray to go on the top of the plant stand I bought the other day. Most of them were in the $30 to $40 range, but I found this one for $18.

I agonized over spending that much money on a tray, but it was heavy  and looked to be just large enough to make a good top for the stand. I found a much less expensive one but it was rather thin and flimsy, so I decided to just go ahead and get this one.  

I layed it on top of the stand, just to get an idea of how it would look.

I'm still a little undecided, but gee whiz, I spent eighteen freaking dollars on the thing. I feel like I really need to use it. And I can't decide whether to repaint it or leave it as it is, and just touch up the brown boards underneath. I don't think they will show when we get it centered exactly, but you never know.

So guys, give me some input here. What are your thoughts?

Today we got to keep Little Man Win for several hours while his Mommy and Daddy took care of some business. He was a good boy and slept the whole time he wasn't taking a bottle or getting his diaper changed.

He really only fussed one time when his Grandpa tried to lay him down on the bed.

He made sure everyone understood how he felt about that! Hmm, acting like his mother again. *wink*


  1. LOVE the fabric, especially at that price! what a steal!

  2. That picture is hilarious. Blackmail.

  3. Win is too cute! I love how small he is in comparison to his Grandpa's hands. :-)