Monday, January 4, 2010

Couch Organizer

In my effort to nest/get organized this year, I decided to try out this simple tutorial. Mom had given me some pieces of white cloth she had purchased that were already sewn up on the ends. She called them something but I can't remember. They resemble small table cloths. Anyway, I put two of them together to make a couch organizer. I had to do some finagling because the ends didn't exactly match up, so I had to turn the sides under in certain places before I sewed them up. It turned out pretty well. I wish I had had some iron-on transfers at home in addition to a full cartridge of ink so that I could do something on the pockets, but oh, well. It serves its purpose and allows me to put my fingernail files, lotion, devotional books, chapstick, and odds and ends in the pockets.


  1. When I bought them, they were labeled "flour sacks" and I think they are the fabric flower sacks are made of. But they weren't sacks at all. More like huge napkins or hankerchiefs.

  2. This would be a great thing for Britt's chair...not so sure I would use white though.
    I bought some of these to make Christmas kitchen towels out of. They were at Dollar store and labeled flour sack towels. They are really big.

  3. Cute. You could always use crayola crayons (coloring) to decorate.