Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snapshots of Christmas 08

These are photos of some of the things I've decorated with this Christmas.

Santa, oh Santa.... The Wilson Phillips song comes to mind as I upload this. Mom gave this to me several years ago and it's animated. He raises and lowers his bell.

This little group stands beside him in the corner.

When the kids were young, I had a band saw and I cut out and painted things to decorate with. These always gave me a smile and I continue to display them year after year.

These are stocking holders, that aren't actually heavy enough to hold one, but I painted them when LeLe and J were tiny.

The stockings were hung from the shelf with care.... hmmmm, just doesn't have the same poetic sound does it? But, I painted them all and enjoy seeing them hung there, as I have no fireplace. One day, I hope to have one. (Maybe with my next Christmas bonus.)

I've worked on the tree all month to get it like I want. I have more work to do, but it will have to wait until next year when I can purchase a few more things. I have several chickadees on it, along with cardinals, snowflakes, ornaments made out of natural things, pine cones and poinsettia blooms. The big natural star (which I ADORE) is a gift from J's girlfriend.

And this is the outside. Not very crisp picture, but you get the idea.

And the neighbour next door. They LOVE decorating as you can tell....


  1. Oooh...Aaahhh. I love it!!!

  2. Your artistic talents never cease to amaze me. Seriously, you could go into business with your craftiness!

  3. No idea how I missed this post, but I'm such a blog slacker lately with my commenting. Love all the Christmas decorations! BeautifuL!